Natalie Wardle

This piece is an artist response to being verbally sexually harassed. I'm sure the majority of woman have had sexual comments made to them where it's made them feel uncomfortable and i question as to why people still get away with making these inappropriate comments. This piece is my own experience of being sexually harassed when at work. Since the age of 16 i've experience being sexually harassed verbally in the work place. Some cases more extreme than others however it has really got me down in the past before, making me dread work and even stopped me from wearing particular clothing or having certain hairstyles. Ive wanted to walk away from jobs but unfortunately I've just had to keep quiet and get on with work as I've needed the money to live.
I wanted to raise these issues through art just as it's the only way i know how to.
I want this piece to make people feel as uncomfortable as people feel when being harassed. i want it to open peoples eyes in to stop making inappropriate sexual comments.
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