Natalie Wardle

Everyone knows the media shapes our views on what's the perfect body type, however this piece highlights how manipulative the media actually are when warping peoples views. 

'How to look good naked' is a television programme with the purpose to make women feel positive about themselves. However when you listen to the script, what Gok Wan says has a dark undertone of promoting plastic surgery and control pants. Unnecessary beauty crazes shaping us in to societies ideal body type. Don't get me wrong Gok Wan made a lot of women happy, however he is still making a profit from us, up-selling expensive shape wear what's supposed to slim us down.

My video is taking the piss out of this by the flashing clips of me making this bodysuit of flesh coloured tights. Acting as second skin. The full body suit shown in the video represents the skin the media has made for us to slim us down, suffocating our bodies and making a profit from vulnerable women who are not positive about there bodies.

All we need as women is words of positivity and no shaming each other. We don't need to spend money to feel and look amazing as we all are beautiful!

The better quality video couldn't upload due to the file being too large.

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